This is an annual $25,000 Guaranteed "Invitation Only" Tournament held in Florida.

The 2020 Championship will be played on the weekend of February 2021.

Here is how you can qualify for your Seat (or Invite) to the HSP National Championship.

  • Winning a Regional HSP Satellite Event = SEAT

  • Winning a Regional Top Gun (Player with the most points in their respective Region) = SEAT

  • Placing Top 1 to Top 9 (Final Table) at a Regional Main Event (Varies by Regional Size) = SEAT

  • Placing Top 9 (Final Table) at Bar Leader Finals = SEAT

  • By winning a Venue at anytime during the Fiscal Year, you are issued an "Invite" to the Classic. Your Seat is assigned, but not covered by High Stax - the Standard Entry applies. = INVITATION