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Intro to Top Stax

Top Stax and XP Tutorial

High Stax Poker now presents Achievement integration to your nightly points along with a new way to show off those BIG WINS, Regional Achievements and National Achievements. Starting as of 4/27/2020, you will have four (4) opportunities to get daily XP (Experience Points - NOT additional to venue or player points) that go towards Seasonal Achievements as well as Lifetime Achievements.

Here are the 4 different ways you can make XP:
  • Make Top 2 on any Main Game for League Play.

  • Win a Consolation Game for League Play.

  • Win a Bounty during the Main Games.

  • When you sign into a Nightly Venue you will be able to "Spin the HSP Wheel" to get additional XP. However, you must make League Play Points to receive the "Spin Wheel" XP.

The following day after you've played with High Stax, you will be able to log in to your account and follow instructions to click on the GREEN button to collect your XP from the night prior and or accept your Achievement Badge.

We have listened to many of you (The Players/Heart of our League) about having something more attached to your name on the Website as well as just a way to track Lifetime Achievements - We now have it! There are Ranks/Levels that you can achieve during Season(s) that go toward your Lifetime Achievements. Additionally, any Achievements you make or Accolades you receive will also be attached to your Lifetime Achievement page.

XP or "Experience Points"

Experience Points is a way to track a players progression in Top Stax.
Get enough XP completing challenges and you will rank up to the next level.

NOTE: XP or "Experience Points" are seperate points from nightly venue points. Click below to view Top Stax Leaderboard

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In the following example we have highlighted the event type.

Weekly - Weekly event challenges will have event date and a countdown timer attached to them. Once the event has expired, the event will no longer be visible.

Season - Season event challenges will expire at the end of season. Players will have one week to to claim XP before the events are no longer visable.

Lifetime - Lifetime event challenges will always be visible as the player ranks up.

The top section that is highlighted tells us the title and description of the event.

The bottom highlighted section explained.

Current Level - Current Level you are on for that challenge.

Earned - How many points you have earned for that challenges.

Goal - How many points are required to complete current event level.

XP Reward - Reward for completing challenge level.

Once you have enough points to complete a level, you will see a green button to collect your reward. Each completed level will give the player XP points and a badge that displays on their player profile. In the following example, the player can complete the level by collecting their reward. The players earned points is more than the required goal.

The bottom highlighted section explained.

Current Level - 3 <--- Player is currently on Level 3

Earned - 27450 <--- Player currently has 27450 Points.

Goal - 10000 <--- Player's goal to complete this level is 10000.

XP Reward - 1000 <--- Reward for completing challenge level.

Register Early for any nightly venue to spin the wheel. Bonus points are awarded only if you get points in any game the same day.

Make final table of a Main Game.
Place top 3 in any Cons Game.
Win a bounty.

Bonus Points will be displayed next to a players name when they register early for a Nightly Venue.

You can view the Top Stax Leaderboard by clicking below.

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